Tuesday, July 3rd, 2007

How Many Stars Can the Skyline Take?

If you’ve been reading my blog, you know that I criticize generic, bland architecture. But I also don’t like a lot about the starchitect designed buildings that cities are throwing up left and right around the world. They are all too often contextless and self-indulgent. Frank Gehry’s curved titanium motif might be the Golden Arches of iconic architecture as many times as he’s repeated it around the world.

I’ve been predicting a backlash against this for a while now, particularly as a number of places with more money than taste have been trying to buy culture and greatness on the cheap via a few splashy commissions.

In the vein of charting the popping of the bubble, I saw this article on the Times of London online. It’s ostensibly about an art exhibit, but the author manages to get in a few digs at some of the architectural glitterati.

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