Thursday, July 5th, 2007

Updated: Transportation Briefs

Chicago. The CTA falls flat on its face again as three L lines were shut down for several hours as crowds totalling a million people tried to make their way home after the fireworks. This CTA is an operational shambles that the city appears to have no interest in fixing. Problems like this have been going on for over a decade.

Indianapolis. I saw an picked up a copy of a local newspaper for the Pike Township area and it noted a story I somehow missed. Namely that INDOT rejected the bids for the replacement of the 34th and 46th St. bridges over I-46 on the west leg because they were over the price estimate. Construction costs have generally been going up. This can’t be a good sign for the overall project and hopefully it doesn’t delay construction.

I’ve been charting various tidbits of news about the I-69 northeast corridor widening, most of which seems indicate further delays on the project. But today’s paper has an article suggesting forward motion instead. The small cemetary surrounded by the I-465/I-69 interchange is going to be relocated. Cemetary relocations for highway projects are virtually non-existent in Indiana, so this is very unique development. Relocation is scheduled for next year. The article mentions construction starting in 2012.

Here’s a strange one. There’s an article about a new east-west corridor in Johnson County. Apparently the $1 million spent to date on studies isn’t sufficient to finish the job. What I find interesting is that this article is actually pretty long, but doesn’t have anything to say about the actual route selection.

The new $12 million segment of Ronald Reagan Parkway between Stafford Rd. and Washington St. (US 40) in Plainfield is set to open completely tomorrow.

A $12 million project to relocate and reconstruct 106th St. in Zionsville could start construction as early as next year.

There is also a brief blurb on high speed rail.

Louisville. The Restore 64 project’s full interstate closure is now underway. I think this is a great project and a great field test of the 8664 proposal.

Kansas City. Here’s an article about a series of needed road projects totalling $1 billion in Johnson County, Kansas (home to Overland Park and other suburbs).

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