Sunday, July 29th, 2007

Restore 64 Wraps up Early in Louisville

The complete closure of I-64 west of downtown Louisville is now over, and the road has been reopened to traffic nine days ahead of schedule.

I never got a chance to drive in Louisville during this construction, but I get the impression that the congestion was manageable. There was certainly no firestorm of media coverage about outrageous backups and saying that 8664 would never work.

I think these sorts of hyperfix projects are the way to go whenever possible. Rather than restricting roadways for months if not years to complete projects, close them entirely for a shorter period of time, suck up the pain, and get it over quickly. This has the additional benefit of improving safety. You can’t hit a construction worker if you can’t even drive through the construction zone.

With notorious problems like the Kennedy Bridge painting fiasco, it is good to see the KYTC get a win here.

I think this project shows that 8664 is viable. First off, 8664 would include an eastern bridge, which would have given additional options to through traffic. It also doesn’t not even close that much of I-64, and includes a surface parkway into downtown. So the connectivity options there are in fact even better. I’m not necessarily endorsing 8664, but there should be some serious analysis done of the operational characteristics it might cause, using Restore 64 as a real life field test. The 8664 people themselves might want to see, for example, if even more of riverfront parkway could conceivably be torn down.

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