Friday, November 16th, 2007

Super-70 Completed

The Super-70 project in Indianapolis has been completed. This was the largest single year reconstruction project in Indiana history at a cost of $175 million. It basically replaced the pavement on I-70 from downtown Indianapolis east to I-465.

I really think highly of this project. So often these projects can drag out year after year, running up the cost in pain to the motoring public. But Super 70 took an entire logical corridor and rebuilt it at once, in a single year. Now the public will enjoy new, smooth pavement and a safer roadway without having to endure any more significant construction.

Projects like Super-70, where things get done in a compressed timeframe, are the way to go. INDOT has done them multiple times now for reconstructions. I’d like to see them take the next step and bring the same approach to expansions and major new builds.

Speaking of reconstruction, this project should bring to a close the era of reconstruction in Indianapolis. Other than the section of I-65 through Eagle Creek Park, and I-865, there should not be any more reconstruction projects in the Indianapolis freeway system that do not add sigifnicant new capacity.

Congratulations to INDOT and Walsh Construction on a superb project.

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2 Responses to “Super-70 Completed”

  1. Anonymous says:

    ..downtown east to I-465 (not west).

  2. Anonymous says:

    The Super 70 project was executed extreemly well given the number of bridge decks that paving crews had to “jump” (30). That’s what makes the work performed by sub-contractor, E&B Paving, so superior! The pavement is smooth and relatively quiet compared to concrete pavements built with the older specified texture in previous years. It’s interesting to note that the pavement portion of the project equated to less than 12% of the total project cost. It’s also interesting to note that the project could only be performed in one season using concrete pavement because of it’s “one lift” placement process compared to the layered process required for asphalt. The crews at E&B Paving deserve recognition for their efficiency and quality.

    The next major rebuild in the Indy area is the west leg of I-465. Currently the 38th to 56th St. segment is under construction. Portions south of there will begin in 2009 and proceed to SR 67 during the next few seasons.

    It’s a shame that the public-private partnership concept has become politicized to an extreme level (in Indiana, Washington, D.C., and other states). These and many other long-deferred projects across Indiana would still be on the shelf had Governor Daniels not introduced fundamental “asset management” to benefit the “Crossroads of America”. It’s true that inflation (material costs, land acquisition) will negatively impact the agency’s ability to construct as much as they had hoped, but Indiana is far better off than many other states because they decided to use this effective tool to augment the existing program.

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