Saturday, May 10th, 2008

New Urbanist Developments in Atlanta

I saw an interesting thread on this over at skycrapercity, and thought I would repost some of the renderings and photos here. Note that many of these proposed developments are actually in the suburbs. I’m not endorsing these developments by posting them here, but thought they would be of interest to readers.

Proposed in Roswell

From this the AJC: “The man who turned an abandoned steel mill in midtown Atlanta into the booming Atlantic Station minicity unveiled his plans Tuesday for bringing that style of intown living to the northside suburbs.

The $2 billion development, which would be built along Ga. 400 in Roswell, calls for 3,000 residential units and as much as 750,000 square feet of office space in five high-rise towers.

The high-rises would be surrounded by European-style plazas, a 2 1/2-acre lake, a community center and lots of green space — even on rooftops, where people can gather high above their community.”

Here was one called Global Station proposed for Gwinett County. Supposedly it is dead, which might be a good thing since the design is questionable.

Something called The Manhattan at the Perimeter Center.

High Street in Dunwoody

Belmont Hills in Smyrna

Westtown Atlanta

Now onto the photos of actual projects. This is Atlantic Station in Midtown.

Inman Park Village

North Highland Lofts

Downtown Woodstock (town in Cherokee County)

There are some additional photos (and of course lively debate) over in the original SSC page.

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3 Responses to “New Urbanist Developments in Atlanta”

  1. UncleRando says:

    Living in Atlanta I was able to experience a lot of this first-hand. While Atlanta is often blasted for being overly suburban I must say that at least their suburban junk is nice looking and well executed. Whereas the stuff in the Midwest is just crap.

    The project in Roswell looks interesting, but I know very well that this exit, off of GA 400, is a complete mess already and will only get worse with more density. While density is desirable it is still sprawl…just dense sprawl in Atlanta’s case. This only exacerbates the traffic issues that currently plague the Atlanta region…especially the North Fulton area.

    Another neat project to check out on the Northside of Atlanta is this development called Vickery. It is very well done…almost Duaney-esque. You can check out some photos of it here:

  2. Pincfx says:

    I should point out that the Manhattan is actually the name of the condo building. The surrounding development is more of a “lifestyle center” and isn’t really new urban.

    The High Street project in the same area however is adjacent to a Marta station and could even be considered TOD.

  3. Stephanie says:

    … Atlantic Station as booming? I would by no means say that it is a failure … but it has had plenty of issues … in ability to sell surrounding condos (especially do to lack of parking), inability to sell condos over retail in the central retail district, structural issues.

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