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I photograph people who seduce me. You can’t seduce me with an It-bag or a pair of It-shoes. Sorry, guys – I don’t know much about fashion. I’m more interested in personality, charisma, madness and creativity. – Yvan Rodic, aka Facehunter

Just as one followup, in a recent Indianapolis-related post I called for the removal of sign-blight along the Cultural Trail. I haven’t seen it personally, but I’m told the abandoned library sign has been removed. Kudos to the city. Now let’s make the Keystone/86th removal happen.

Regarding my recent post on state GDP changes, some folks asked for the raw data. I threw it in a spreadsheet for you so grab it here.

Brookings recently put out a Global Metro Monitor Report that has gotten a lot of attention, though I have not yet gotten to dive into it myself.

Top Stories

ESPN: Believeland – This piece on Cleveland in the wake of LeBron James’ departure is long, but one of the best pieces of writing on a Rust Belt city I’ve seen. You may also be interested in my own James Drain Hits Cleveland.

Portland Oregonian: Is Portland the New Neverland? – “I sometimes think we’re the scatterbrained generation. You have so many choices, and you know what you end up doing? Nothing. You become the DJ-fashion-designing-knitting-coffee-maker.”

Governing: The Search for Infrastructure Driven Transformation – “High-speed rail and the smart grid may turn out to be tomorrow’s Erie Canals. But in a mature society such as ours, it may be that small infrastructure connections — expensive though they may be — will be transformative in the future.”

The Guardian: Report Calls for Radical Redesign of Cities to Cope with Population Growth – You can also go directly to the Megacities on the Move site to check out the toolkit. I haven’t had a chance to dive in as of yet.

Rearranged Map of the World

Over at Big Think, someone rearranged the map of the world by population. Interestingly, the US and Brazil get to stay where they are (click to enlarge):

World and National Roundup

Owen Hatherley: Exposition Corporate – more on the Shangai World Expo.

NYT: New Arrivals Strain India’s Cities to the Breaking Point

Transport Politic: Envied the world over, the Strasbourg tram expands again

Allison Arieff: The Public Square Goes Mobile

Matthew Khan: Do liberal cities block new housing developments? – He says the answer is ‘Yes’ in California

Richard Florida: Why New York Needs to Make Way for Cyclists

Joel Kotkin: The New Battle for Brains

Portland Oregonian: Portland area wages, job creation lag most Western regions – So says a new report, but not everyone agrees with this. I can say that Portland’s GDP per capita is skyrocketing – it was #1 last decade among cities with more than a million people on that metric.

WaPo: DC Transportation After Gabe Klein

Greater Greater Washington: Should DC Drop the Sales Tax?

Andrew Kirby: Could the Dallas way be the right way?

Columbusite: How Columbus’ Progress in Urban Revitalization Stacks Up to Other Cities

Blair Kamin: Chicago’s Northerly Island Park Plan Promises an Oasis of Ecology

Detroit Blog: The Last Song

New York Fly By

The Architect’s Newspaper pointed me at this super-cool video of a radio controlled airplane with a camera strapped to it flying around New York. (If the video doesn’t display for you, click here).

Super Cool Bike Parking

Trailnet St. Louis pointed me at this very short promo video for a super-cool bicycle parking device. The video is in German, and I have no idea if it’s real or not, but it doesn’t matter – watch it anyway. (If the video doesn’t display, click here).

Magic Highway

This is a pretty incredible 1958 animated short called “Magic Highway” I found on How to be a Retronaut. It was supposedly put out by Disney and talks about all the amazing innovations in highways and cars that will be coming soon and how they will improve our lives. There’s a Jetsons-like quality to this, but I think it illustrates the mindset about these things people had back then. (If the video doesn’t display, click here).

Post Script

Copenhagenize posted some wonderful vintage photos of bicycling in Copehagen. Check out the whole set, but here’s a sample:

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2 Responses to “Urbanoscope”

  1. As per the German video:
    YouTube title: The safest bike lock in the world.
    Text: You have the fun, we have the technology. More at

    Conrad is a chain electronics store.

    It’s not real.

  2. J.P. Katigbak says:

    Is it not real to say about this? I have no idea what you have mentioned about the so-called “safest bike lock in the world”.

    Do other people know exactly what is mentioned above? Come on, don’t get involved in those useless blame games and start a very meaningful (and educating) discussion on the merits of how to improve the transportation sector in different countries around the world. Any suggestions?

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