Wednesday, April 6th, 2011

Le Flâneur

Here’s another super-cool city video. This one is a series of photos combined into a time lapse video with nice music. It’s about Paris and is only two minutes so definitely worth a watch. (If the video doesn’t display, click here).

Of course, it is very much like the similarly awesome You’ve Got to Love London.

Topics: Civic Branding
Cities: Paris

3 Responses to “Le Flâneur”

  1. GFR says:

    What’s so visually intriguing and unusual is that this was NOT made using a traditional time-lapse technique. Rather, by moving the camera significantly during his shots (unlike the London piece, which uses simple panning/tilting), Mr. Shepherd is able to approximate the idea of the wandering eye that exemplifies the idea of the flaneur. Quite interestingly, his technique relied upon centering his mobile camera-eye on a single point in almost every shot (the rose window of Chartres, for example) which further amplifies the sense of voyeuristic staring that we associate with the idea of the flaneur. (see here for more on his technique:

    Even more impressive is the decompression of urban space achieved in the zoom shot of the traffic circle, in which the camera’s descent into the circle, combined with the subtle shifts in perspective with each step forward seems to alter the depth of field, creating the effect of urban space opening up before our very eyes. As we get closer to the circle (and presumably to the buildings beyond it), the optical effect of the camera gives the sensation that the buildings are actually receding and opening up even more space. In this way, the camera eye seems to activate the urban space, which is a very intriguing concept to consider when wandering the city — how do our eyes (in toto with our mobility, shifting vantage point, etc) activate our otherwise static urban surroundings.

  2. Carl Wohlt says:

    Wonderful. I especially liked that last pan crossing the bridge. Great choice for soundtrack, too. Thanks for sharing.

  3. QwkDrw says:

    Engaging video and fascinating soundtrack. One must appreciate the subject and respect the talented individual’s work. Delightful to come upon the video in this post


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