Sunday, May 20th, 2012

Correction: OECD Chicago Review

I want to make an important correction to my story on the OECD territorial review of Chicago. Based on previously published reports, I’d said that Indiana had not participated in the study and strongly condemned that. However, it turns out that Indiana did in fact participate in the study, at both the state and local levels. In fact, some Indiana representatives actually traveled to Paris for the initial review of the report. So I’d like to apologize for getting it wrong and set the record straight on this.


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9 Responses to “Correction: OECD Chicago Review”

  1. Jim Russell says:

    So, why did Mitch Roob make the comment, “We don’t do studies, we do deals.”?

  2. I don’t know. Perhaps there was a change of heart. In any case, Mitch Roob is no longer in his economic development role.

  3. Jim Russell says:

    Despite its “Illinoyed” campaign, Pressl’s group has the support of Northwest Indiana business organizations and elected officials, he said. Pressl also said his group had the support of Illinois Gov. Pat Quinn and Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker, but he hadn’t spoken to Gov. Mitch Daniels about the effort yet. He said he hoped Daniels would see the wisdom of the initiative and would be interested in participating.

    Mitch Roob, Indiana secretary of commerce and CEO of the Indiana Economic Development Corp., said the IECD isn’t participating in the study because it isn’t designed to do long-term strategic planning. He said its sole purpose is to establish transactions in the state.

    “We are a transactional organization,” Roob said. “We do deals. We don’t do studies.”

  4. Jim Russell says:

    “We don’t do studies; we do deals,” Indiana Commerce Secretary Mitch Roob told the Tribune last week.

    In an interview, he said it is awkward for Indiana to participate when it has been marketing its business climate as incentive for Illinois businesses to relocate here.

    “Until Illinois gets its fiscal house in order, we are being forced to differentiate ourselves,” Roob said.

  5. Jim Russell says:

    I’d say what you posted on the matter hit the mark:

    Indiana’s economic development chief crossed the border into neighboring Illinois Thursday, suggesting that existing businesses have a better chance to build profits if they relocate to the Hoosier state.

    Indiana Commerce Secretary Dan Hasler spoke to about 125 site-selection consultants and commercial and industrial real estate agents attending the first Opportunity Indiana Summit, held in the Chicago suburb of Rosemont.

    “It’s not that we’re trying to poach companies, but if they’re going to move, let’s keep them in the Midwest,” said Hasler, who is also the chief executive of the state’s economic development corporation.

    Since January of last year, Indiana officials said they lured 17 Illinois businesses and close to 1,700 workers.

    Turf battles between the states are intensifying even though a recently released report from the Paris-based Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development said such competition is counterproductive.

    The OECD urged a more unified approach, particularly in such areas as workforce training and infrastructure improvements, for the region that encompasses Illinois, Indiana and Wisconsin.

  6. Jim, the Journal-Gazette article was my original source for the claim.

    My comments on Indiana’s economic development strategy stand, but if Indiana did participate in the study, then the OECD review post isn’t a good place to address it. I’m working on a piece about this, however.

  7. Jim Russell says:

    Aaron, Roob is on record stating it would be awkward to participate in the study because of the poaching. Then you have Hasler toeing the same line just a few weeks ago, after the study had been published. I don’t see any evidence of Gov. Daniels buying in. NW Indiana is clearly on board.

    I’m still not sure if saying “Indiana did not participate” is inaccurate.

  8. mmdindy says:

    Does anyone else find it curious that “some Indiana representatives traveled to Paris for the initial review of the report.”

    That’d be one heck of a junket for our supposedly penny pinching state government.

  9. Jim, I’m sure there’s something to that. But, the person I spoke with about this is a state official I’ve been acquainted with for some time. I specifically asked if he was a representative of the state itself and he said Yes, so there was participation at some level.

    @mmdindy, nice work if you can get it!

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