Thursday, May 31st, 2012

Infographics of the Week: Underwater Mortgages, NYC Tech

Home prices web site Zillow is out with an interactive map showing the percentage of of the mortgages in America that are believed to be underwater. It’s pretty scary. Here’s a static version:

h/t Atlantic Cities

NYC Tech

Mashable ran a recent article noting that New York City is now America’s fastest growing tech hub that included this infographic:

Richard Florida also chimed in with a follow-up on New York’s tech scene.

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5 Responses to “Infographics of the Week: Underwater Mortgages, NYC Tech”

  1. Zathras says:

    This could be somewhat interesting, but from my experience Zillow’s data on expected home values is really, really poor quality. So I wonder how much this affects the macro picture.

  2. flavius says:

    Interesting that there is a rust-belt band of underwater mortgages from Rockford, IL to Cleveland, but Pittsburgh is under 20%.

  3. DBR96A says:

    Pennsylvania has had superior lending oversight compared to other states. This explains why the Pennsylvania/Ohio state line is so visible, and also why the New Jersey suburbs of Philadelphia are worse off than the Pennsylvania suburbs. And the worst counties in Pennsylvania are those that border New York, New Jersey and Maryland. Real estate is cheaper in Pennsylvania than in any of those other states, so those border counties eventually became part of the exurban fringes of New York and Washington DC/Baltimore. Thankfully, York County is the only one of those underperforming counties with a population over 180,000.

  4. Eric says:

    Re mortgages: interesting which states (Kansas, South Dakota, Alabama) are doing much better than their immediate neighbors. Why?

    Re tech: NYC is a natural hub for anything, and I’m just glad the focus is shifting from professions like investment banking which don’t help society, to tech which does.

  5. Eric says:

    Um, I think I take back my mortgage question. I read grey as “0%”, not “no data”.

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