Wednesday, December 19th, 2012

What to Change the World? Start With Your City

Lee Fisher, President of CEOs for Cities, recently gave a talk at TEDxDePaul University. It’s called “Want to Change the World? Start With Your City?” There’s good stuff in here so check it out.

Something to think about as you watch this is my recent post “What Are You Doing for Your City?” While I’d intended that as a challenge, not a question, a number of people did reply with comments about what they were doing, so you may want to revisit the post in order to be inspired by them.

If the video doesn’t display for you, click here.

Topics: Urban Culture

2 Responses to “What to Change the World? Start With Your City”

  1. Josh S says:

    Want to change your city? Start with your neighborhood.
    Want to change your neighborhood? Start with your local school. Get involved.

  2. Want to change your neighborhood? Start with your local school. Get involved.

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