Wednesday, January 30th, 2013

Infographic: NFL Fans According to Facebook

Facebook just analyzed its “Likes” of NFL teams to develop a map of NFL fandom spheres of influence. Think of this as similar to the Common Census maps I previously posted. Here’s their main map:

I continue to be amazed at the reality of state borders in these things, despite the artificiality of the lines on the map and the lack of consistency with media markets.

h/t FlowingData

Topics: Demographic Analysis, Regionalism, Urban Culture

12 Responses to “Infographic: NFL Fans According to Facebook”

  1. John says:

    Interesting that Columbus went to the Steelers. I guess they are finally giving up on the Browns and Bengals.

  2. Chris Godlewski says:

    Green Bay, Pittsburg and Dallas really show their dominance. In various and surprising parts of the country. Winning and longevity really show dominance. Looks like retires in South Carolina are from Pennsylvania and the cowboys were big in Arizona before the cardinals came. Great map. Tells a good story Aaron.

  3. urbanleftbehind says:

    My program at t.OSU had a lot of Pittsburgh and buffalo expats so I’m not really surprised. I thought redskin nation would reach further into the Carolinas; I wonder if they are now viewed as liberal NOVA’s team only.

  4. Joe H. says:

    I’d love to see this for the NBA. I’ve been shocked by how many Indiana Pacers fans I’ve found in St. Louis.

  5. Demographer says:

    I’d like to see the population totals for each team.

    Am I reading this right: most of SC and Eastern NC are Steelers fans? Also it appears the Raiders can’t even lay claim to their home county.

    Finally as a Tennessean its disapointing, but not surprising, to see Memphis go to the Saints and not the Titans.

  6. Demographer says:

    Whoops, it appears Memphis is Cowboy country, not Saints.

  7. Chris Barnett says:

    Think about where our big military bases are, and then think about who serves today. I think this might explain the “stray” Cowboys fans in the Hampton Roads area, and around Ft. Benning GA, Ft. Leonard Wood MO, Offutt AFB NE, and Ft. Campbell KY.

  8. DBR96A says:

    “The annexation of Ohio is proceeding as planned, Mr. Rooney.”


  9. EJ says:

    There must be a whole lot of closeted fair-weather Steelers fans in Columbus. My observation has been more or less a 45/45 split between Cleveland and Cincinnati team fandom–NFL and MLB–roughly lining up along the famous I-70 divide, with all other teams making up the final 10%. Granted, the Steelers have come a lot closer to a Super Bowl championship in recent memory than either Ohio team has in a generation so that could have something to do with it. That, or else western PA is looking to annex itself into Ohio.

  10. NWOhioan says:

    It looks the far NW corner of Ohio is Steelers yellow? I assumed we would be Browns fans, but perhaps Pittsburgh has fans here because QB Ben Roethlisberger is from Findlay? I think it’s also interesting how clearly the Lions’ line follows the southern border of Michigan, and how the UP is firmly Packers territory.

    Also – Omaha looks to be up for grabs.

  11. Chompers says:

    I find the comment about the military bases to be accurate in skewing the numbers in those counties. Also, for there being a lot of Pacers’ fans in St. Louis for the NBA is probably because FOX Sports Midwest shows all their games in St. Louis.

  12. TJ Deck says:

    Not sure if anyone’s here has seen the Common Census sports map, but they do a good job at showing this same thing (albeit not on a county level) of showing the geographic coverage of sports teams in all four major sports leagues and D-1 college football.

    According to those maps, the description of Ohio with the I-70 split among the Browns and Bengals is more accurate, with Steelers fans being pushed out to far eastern Ohio. There is one spot in NW Ohio though that does go for Pittsburgh, Findlay likely. Though a lot of the same themes with Michigan going for the Lions, Illinois for the Bears, Wisconsin the Packers and Indiana the Colts is the same. As for the Pacers, those maps show St. Louis clearly in Bulls territory.

    On one last note, I find it interesting that Oakland’s home county, Alameda, doesn’t go for the Raiders, but that much of Southern California, including L.A. (the former home of the Raiders) does.

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