Wednesday, March 27th, 2013

God’s Architect: 60 Minutes on Sagrada Família

The stunning architectural masterwork that is Sagrada Família in Barcelona got a nice feature on 60 Minutes called “God’s Architect: Antoni Gaudí’s Glorious Vision.” If the video doesn’t display in your reader or email, please click here.

If you ever visit Barcelona, Sagrada Família is the number one must visit. However, there’s a lot of other Gaudí buildings that are also stunning. And Barcelona has a lot of great contemporary architecture too. If you went to Sagrada Família like I did the first time when it was a still a huge construction zone in the interior, you’ll absolutely want to go back now that the interior is finished and it’s actually a functioning basilica. The exterior, including the gigantic central spire, won’t be wrapped up for a several years yet.

See also: Will Sagrada Família Be Mankind’s Last Ever Great Artistic Statement for God?

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One Response to “God’s Architect: 60 Minutes on Sagrada Família”

  1. Jon says:

    Breathtaking! How utterly humbling. I’ve seen Milano’s Duomo Cathedral and Paris’ Notre Dame Cathedral, but I had no idea of the incredibly demonstrative difference in scale to the Sagrada Família. Yet I imagine this is merely a spec of dust compared to the unfathomable architecture in the Heavenly Realm. I wonder what miraculous architectural wonders Antoni Gaudí’s genius would have created if he had lived today with access to advanced computer technology and all the new high-tech materials. Thanks so much for this; I will definitely put Barcelona on my growing bucket list.

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