Thursday, August 1st, 2013

Positive Providence Data

My latest post is online at GoLocalProv and discusses a few pieces of positive data around growth in exports, GDP, personal incomes, and educational attainment. Oh, and interestingly, Providence has the second highest availability of broadband internet at speeds of 1Gbps or greater of any major city in America (after Portland).

Topics: Economic Development
Cities: Providence

4 Responses to “Positive Providence Data”

  1. Rod Stevens says:

    Supply does not mean demand. It’s an interesting question of how much bandwidth companies using advanced manufacturing techniques use. I’m finding that may need more basic business amenities, like good places to eat, and safe parking for their employees.

  2. You have to start somewhere. I’ve noticed a trend. Whenever a hip, cool, and trendy city does something good or has an asset, it is treated as a reason why that city is great or as a sign of its “global ambitions” or some such, while smaller or out of fashion cities don’t get that benefit of the doubt.

    Providence has no lack of decent places to eat and there’s no where I’ve found in the city I am afraid to park. Some sketchier areas to be sure, but nothing on par with Chicago or Philly.

    I won’t pretend these things change the overall picture, but you’ve got to start somewhere and build momentum.

  3. Rod Stevens says:

    Agreed, but these “we’re okay” signals are more about self-confidence, and the ability to then take additional steps than long-term direction. The real question is the DNA of the place, the distinctive skills that gives the place a competitive advantage in something other than a me-too activity, the opportunity to really shine.

  4. Claude Masse says:

    The stats don’t surprise me.Providence has for a while now been a “cool”city.Events like Waterfire have sent visitors home with very positive experiences.I firmly believe the city will eventually rise rapidly.This small report is big news in a way.Magazines and newspapers continue to praise restaurants,brainiac crowded coffee shops&a very efficient airport.Fortunately for Providence many building blocks are already in place.

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