Thursday, September 5th, 2013

The Coolest and Best City Videos, Volume 3

I’m going to be traveling for a while and since I didn’t take a summer vacation, plan to take a break from the blog for the next week and a half to two weeks. To keep you occupied while I’m gone, here’s another installment in my roundups of the coolest and best city videos I’ve featured here. In case you missed the previous ones, check out the first installment and the second one.

Time Lapse Philadelphia

A cool video from Angelo Leotta with a nice soundtrack. If the video doesn’t display, click here.

Cityscape Chicago

An amazing look at the Windy City. If the video doesn’t display for you, click here.

Singapore: The Lion City

If the video doesn’t display, click here.

Frenetic Zurich

Not the work I would use to describe Zurich based on its reputation, but a cool video nevertheless. If it doesn’t display for you, click here.

Dubai Timelapse

If the video doesn’t display for you, click here.

This Is Shanghai

If the video doesn’t display for you, click here.

Topics: Architecture and Design, Civic Branding


2 Responses to “The Coolest and Best City Videos, Volume 3”

  1. Here is a link to one of the best city videos.. It was done to promote Montreal and in two minutes it captures the essence of life in Montreal. It is called “Montreal in two minutes”.
    If I got the link wrong, just go to the Tourism Montreal website or do a Google search for that title…

  2. Claude Masse says:

    I would imagine you can’t wait to get back.I can’t do any thing about the lull.Being a new arrival to New England?You need a “primer”.So I’ll walk you through; living in the present location?You chose Providence.You pulled in to a city that has no care what you did or do. Aron no one knows you.The best thing about Prov-Pawt types,we leave you alone.
    Measure from urban life? It gives me lots of friends&watering holes.You will make a ton of friends per sq this place.

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