Wednesday, December 18th, 2013

Urban Skiing in Detroit

This week a video of some urban adventure types in Detroit that’s been making the rounds. But instead of scrapping or whatever it is people do in Detroit’s abandoned skiing, they decided on an urban ski adventure. There’s some pretty cool tricks in there. If the video doesn’t display for you, click here.

h/t Barrel~dEM

Topics: Urban Culture
Cities: Detroit

6 Responses to “Urban Skiing in Detroit”

  1. AIM says:

    The shots at the abandoned school are in Pontiac, which is in the heart of Oakland County. I don’t think we’ll see that being touted in the County’s promotional videos.

  2. Dan Wedge says:

    Shredding in the D, amazing work guys, amazing place.

  3. Carpetbagger says:

    It’s only slightly morally disturbing to watch kids decked out in expensive gear dancing around (on skis) on top of abandoned public schools.

  4. Paul Wittibschlager says:

    Cool video, love Detroit, Here’s one from Cleveland:

    crank the volume

  5. Eric says:

    The should’ve done this as part of their X-games pitch.

  6. Wow. Obviously many of these buildings are dangerous just to be standing close to them, let alone skiing. Interesting observation from AIM about the abandoned school, which could be true, since Pontiac has seen its share of population loss. But strange too, since Detroit has dozens (if not over a hundred) abandon schools from which to choose. But then, my guess is most of these skiers live closer to Pontiac than to the hard of depopulated old Detroit.

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