Wednesday, January 29th, 2014


Today a couple of time lapses of Los Angeles. First, up, one called “Time-LAX.” If the video doesn’t display for you, click here.

This next one is called “City Lights.” If the video doesn’t display for you, click here.

Lastly a little political humor. When I was a kid I loved the cartoon Battle of the Planets, home of the original G-Force. (The show was an American edited and re-dubbed version of the anime series Science Nijna Team Gatchman). Well somebody channeled the spirit of those old cheesy 70s and 80s superhero series to create this funny spoof called “The Kronies.” Buy your action figures today. If the video doesn’t display for you, click here.

Welcome to the Hall of Injustice….

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Cities: Los Angeles

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  1. Jon Seisa says:


    I remember 38 years ago in 1976 when downtown LA only had 4 skyscrapers, the golden-hue Crocker Citizen’s Bank Tower, the dark Mylar Interstate Bank Tower and 2 others. Of course there was the 35 storey City Hall southeast of downtown. I’d drive past them everyday commuting up from Anaheim to Glendale where I was a designer at Walt Disney Imagineering (we were in the midst of creating EPCOT Center/FutureWorld and The World Showcase for Orlando FL at that time [it opened 6 years later in 1982], as well as simultaneously designing Tokyo Disneyland).

    But 2 years earlier in 1974, my fellow architectural design team and I were returning from Houston after completing the newtown design project of “The Woodlands” north of Houston and attending its grand opening, and when the airliner dramatically broke through the cloud cover to unfurl the vast illuminated vista of the LA Basin of twinkling lights, in mass unison a LOUD GASP erupted forth from all the passengers, stunned by the bewildering and breathtaking sight of glistening city lights that went on forever, as far as the eye could see. Back in those days flight travel was not as common as it is today, so many of the passengers were seeing LA from above for the very first time, and it was simply astonishing at night, as it is even more so, today.

    Though this is not a time-lapse video of LA, it’s one of my all time favorite; it’s a flyover of downtown, Civic Center, Music Center, Staple Center/LA Convention Center and the Harbor Frwy, Santa Monica Frwy, and Hollywood Frwy… but since this they have built the Nokia Theater, LA-Live Events Center and more glass towers.


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